Advice for clients thinking of having a Beach wedding in Melbourne, Charis White celebrant


Having been involved in many beach weddings, I though it would be helpful if I wrote a blog on the do’s and don’ts of a Beach Wedding.

Beach weddings sound awesome in theory, but can be plagued with dangers.

The first thing I recommend doing is clearly outlining where on the beach the Wedding will occur. How far the walk will be from the closest walking tack or parking lot. I also think it would be handy to tell the guests what type of footwear is best. For example: if it s a long walk on a hot day, you can easily burn your feet– guests beware!!! Also, make sure you tell your guests how far the closest toilets are. The last thing you want to do is walk 2 kms down the beach and find out there are no toilets near by!

I also strongly recommend having some shade for your guests. As well as, an adequate supply of drinks on hand. You would not believe how quickly drinks disappear on a hot day. Shade is invaluable, especially if you have elderly people as guests.

If the weather is supposed to be hot. Set up a toiletry station for your guests to freshen up at. Have a mirror, a box of tissues, some deodorant etc on hand. This will make people feel at ease in a sticky/hot situation.

Another great idea is to buy some misting fans, if the day is expected to be very hot. They are not expensive, a bit of fun, and would look super quirky in your photos. Umbrellas or parasols are another great way of shielding yourself from the sun, and providing a great look in your photos. They can be bought for $2.80 a piece at the store Daiso. Get multicolored umbrellas to make a photo statement!

Beware of your IPods! Yes, they are an amazing piece of technology but they still overheat. This happened recently to me, the IPod overheated just as the Bride was about to walk down he aisle. We had to put it on ice and wait for it to cool down!

If the weather looks as though it is going to be very windy, reconsider using the P.A system. This can sometimes be more of a nuisance then hearing a soft voice. And no one likes the sounds of wind rustling through a microphone.  Also, make sure the signing papers are firmly put away if the wind picks up. This happened at a Wedding where the wind picked up out of nowhere and the papers almost went in the water. We looked very silly running around after these papers, but we saved them.

All in all a Beach wedding is fun, if done the right way. After all, you want the guests to enjoy the day and you want to look your best for as long as you can.