Are wedding rehearsals important? Do we need to have a rehearsal? When are where are rehearsals normally held? Written by Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant


Every celebrant is different and works in very different ways. For me, a wedding rehearsal, is an important part of your wedding preparation. It gets you ready for the day, clears any questions you may have and helps to make your day run smoothly.

I normally run my rehearsals during the week from 10-2. They are normally done at the venue; however, if we cannot get into the venue or it is too far away. We will meet at a park and run it through there.

We have legal paperwork to complete prior to the wedding, the document titled “Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the marriage.”

I always do this document at the rehearsal.

Of course, not every client wants a rehearsal, if you fall into this category, then we meet at a pub and chat about you day and how it will run.

The celebrant is not needed to watch you walk down the aisle or practise musical timing, you can do that on your own with you bridal party. In fact you do not need to have your whole bridal party present, if they cannot come. I always suggest to have the person who is walking the bride down the aisle as well as the bride and groom of course. Groomsmen only stand in one spot, so they are not really needed. I will also arrive 30 mixtures prior to your ceremony to liaise with anyone who could not come to the rehearsal.

All in all, I have got your back, so no need to worry!