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Alex and Alex were married at The Abbotsford Convent. As always the area where they got married at The Convent, looked amazing. Actually, they got married in an area of the gardens, which I had never done a wedding before and it worked extremely well. Alex and Alexandra’s love blossomed through mutual friends around 7 years ago. The four friends were at a bar together getting to know one another prior to their group trip to America. From the outset Alex was attracted to Alexandra’s warmth, sense

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Monica and Bo came into my life in an unexpected way. Their celebrant broke her ankle and I was asked to fill in for her and officiate their wedding. When we first met in the City, we chatted about their day and what they were wanting to include. I was quickly told how many people would be travelling for the occasion and how they wanted to highlight their parents in the ceremony. They decided to do a present giving to the mothers as well as a wine box ceremony. The wine box ceremony means, you

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Mel and Adam were an absolute delight to work with. They were also local to me, which is always lovely.We met on a cold afternoon and discussed they ceremony. I knew they had a gorgeous niece who was going to be a flower girl and I was excited to hear their wedding was going to be at The Grand Hyatt, as I had never done a wedding there before. Their love story began over three years ago when they both swiped right on tinder. They chatted for a good amount of time, of course did an obligatory

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Ally and Adam were married at Alto Events in May of 2018. Their wedding day holds a special place in my heart, as it was my 500th wedding and I got to share it with some pretty ace suppliers.Petra from Pomp and Splendour did the most amazing job with the flowers. She created a corner flower pedestal area for the ceremony to take place in. Her flowers were dropped all over the event space, as well as on the cheese wheels, which were the cake. Hay Bax were the musicians that evening and they are

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Kevin and Lorraine were married at The Werribee Mansion in March of 2018. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining yet it was not too hot outside for all of the guests. Juliet Louise did the most amazing job with the flowers. T-One Image did the beautiful photos.Having been together for over 15 years, they were excited to get all of their friends and family together in one spot. Most of their family traveled from New Zealand to celebrate the day. Kevin made a trip overseas to get his custom

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Brooke and Dean were married at The Sandbar Beach Cafe, one of my favourites!It was a lovely warm evening on the 4th of March, 2018. We had a day of storms and the weather was doing it’s own thing. It was not clear if an outside wedding would be on the cards, as the storms looked settled. By the time I arrived at The Sandbar, the waters were calmer than I had ever seen them and the storms had lifted. There was not a hint of wind and the setting was simply amazing. Amelia and the staff at The

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Grooms, of course you want to look fabulous on your wedding day. Where do you start?A custom fit suit is the best place to start. Believe me you can tell the difference and you want to look the best you can on your wedding day. Oscar Hunt Tailors are in a class by themselves. Tucked away in Hardware Lane, this amazing company offer a unique experience.You will be escorted to their beautiful bar where you can relax and have a Whisky or a beer while you wait. You will then be guided through 3,500

Why are wedding traditionally dresses white?

The white wedding dress is related to Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to this, wedding dresses were not white, in fact they were red. At the time, white was know to be a colour of mourning and was frowned upon to wear at a wedding. Queen Victoria made her own fashion statement with a white lace dress and the trend took off a few years later. In the 19th century White was known to be the colour of purity and virginity and this is why the trend took off. In fact, in 1849,

Hot tips for a winter wedding in Melbourne.

Right now we are smack bang in the middle of winter, well actually the height of winter is over and we are creeping towards spring. I often get asked what I think about a winter wedding? The truth is, I love the idea. I am Canadian after all. First of all, if you decide to get married near the snow, you are in for a treat and your photos will be amazing. It is a myth that you need a bright sunny day to get beautiful photos. Beautiful photos happen when you engage a fabulous photographer and the

Who is Charis White Celebrant?

My name is Charis White.I am a celebrant, a wife, a mother and an artist. I also love Gin and Tonics, my dog Betty White and my husband (of course). I love being social and can often be found planning a get together with friends. My journey as a celebrant started nine years ago when I had just given birth our first child. When I planned my wedding, I loved the process and wanted to get involved in the Wedding industry. Since I was staying at home with my son, I decided it was a great time to go