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What is the best month to be married in Melbourne?

I have been a celebrant now for almost nine years. Though that time, the weather patterns have changed and shifted a lot. Back in my early days as a celebrant, November was the busiest month. It is still a busy month; however, it can be very inconsistent with the weather. The last few years we have had a lot of storms and serious rain in November. This can make it a stressful month to get married in, if you are having an outdoor wedding. December is also very changeable, remember to great hail

Erin and Nicole, same-sex wedding at Sandbar Beach Cafe, Charis White Celebrant

Erin and Nicole - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Charis White

Erin and Nicole are an amazing couple. I first met them at the Sandbar Beach Cafe open night. They were lovely, we chatted about love and the fact that Australia needed to get with the times and change the law. The had already booked their commitment ceremony at The Sandbar and Nicole’s cousin was going to lead the commitment ceremony. My parting words were “you ladies are lovely, here is my card in case you need my services in the near future?”Fast forward six months, and I am at the car wash

Your wedding day can be a nerve racking day, choose a celebrant who has your back!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day filled with emotions, laughter and tears. When you choose your celebrant, meet them and get an understanding of their personality. Choose someone who will be there for you, who will calm your nerves, give you a pep talk if need be and simply be there for you.I have been a celebrant for over 9 years and I love my job. I love the emotions and the highs a ceremony can cause. It is so special to be up there with a couple

Fitzroy Gardens, Marriage Celebrant, Alex and Priya’s wedding

When I first met Alex and Priya, I immediately thought they were a perfect couple. They were different in many ways, but also had many similarities. They chatted to me about life, the importance of Priya going to her home country and visiting the orphanages and their shared love of friends and family. I loved their story of meeting on a dance floor at the Mai Tai Bar and Priya dancing to Tpauc. It was this encounter that made Alex realise he was in trouble.The thing I love about my job is

A cheap and cheerful wedding, do it your way!

The longer I am in this industry, it has become very apparent to me that every couple wants some different.For that exact reason over the last few years I have diversified my business to so I now do legals only weddings as well as bigger weddings.Life is expensive and your wedding does not need to be. I met couples all the time who want a no fuss ceremony. We do these types of ceremonies at a park, at my home or a restaurant.Sometimes people are shy and don’t want many people around. That is

Same sex marriage Bill or the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill of 2017 has been passed in parliament. Same sex weddings will be legal in Australia as of January 9th, 2018

  FINALLY!!!!! Australia has caught up to the rest of the world. Yes, it is true the bill was passed today. So, what does that mean for same sex couples who wish to be legally married in Australia. Well,  technically it means same-sex marriage will be legal in Australia as of January 9th, 2018. To […]

What if I cannot remember my vows during the ceremony? Written by Melbourne based wedding celebrant, Charis White

  It is natural to feel nervous on your wedding day. It is a day full of emotions and excitement. As your celebrant, I will be there to guide you every step of the way. I always make sure your Vows are included in my full draft of the wedding. That way there is absolutely […]