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Do more expensive suppliers have more experience or package inclusions?

  With a more experienced supplier you are paying for their knowledge, as well as their connections. It is invaluable if your celebrant has a connection with your videographer or photographer. That way those people already know how the celebrant works, where they place the bride and groom during the ceremony and how they conduct a ceremony. […]

Why should a couple choose a more expensive supplier over the cheaper option for their Wedding ceremony?

  Cheaper suppliers normally mean that they are newer and inexperienced. They are building up a brand and are starting at a base price until they feel they have the expertise to charge more. A quality priced vendor usually means a quality service.  As a client you want eloquence and expertise for your Wedding ceremony. […]

We want to have our wedding in a park, do we need to book or do we need a permit?

  Having your wedding in a park is an amazing location for a wedding. Of course, every park and location has different rules and regulations. The Fitzroy gardens, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh gardens, Carlton Gardens and the gardens in the Melbourne City council all require you to have a permit. They also require you to have a permit for you […]

Should we have chairs for our guests during our wedding ceremony or should we make the guests stand? Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant

  Of course you can have your wedding ceremony any way you would like it. However, sometimes I get asked wether I think seats for guests are important? My answer is always a resounding “YES.” If budget allows and you are tossing up the idea of having seats, do it! Having chairs allows you to designate a […]

What do you do if rain is forecast on your Wedding day and you do not have a backup option? Written by Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant

  OH OH! Like today, there was no rain forecast and then all of the sudden the heavens opened. I have had a few situations like this where it has rained mid ceremony. There was one wedding in particular that the heavens absolutely opened with a vengeance. In this case, there was nothing we could […]

How to rock having no bridal party in your Wedding ceremony, written by Charis White, Melbourne based celebrant

  A lot of my clients ask me if it is ok to have no bridal party. Of course it is ok. Your wedding can be customised any way you like it. Having no bridal party means you can have more intimate photographs. I would recommend having a nice backdrop, like a floral arch, just […]

Is a winery a good location for a wedding? Written by Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant

  So, you are thinking of having your wedding at a winery? AMAZING!!!!! I love doing weddings in the Yarra Valley, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula or down the Bellarine Peninsula. Having your wedding at a winery gives your wedding a luxe feel. They are often boutique wineries that highlight their wines throughout the evening of your reception. […]