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Alex and Alex were married at The Abbotsford Convent. As always the area where they got married at The Convent, looked amazing. Actually, they got married in an area of the gardens, which I had never done a wedding before and it worked extremely well.

Alex and Alexandra’s love blossomed through mutual friends around 7 years ago.  The four friends were at a bar together getting to know one another prior to their group trip to America. From the outset Alex was attracted to Alexandra’s warmth, sense of humor and kindness.  He says: “I remember waking up the next day after meeting her and couldn’t stop thinking about her.  Lucky for me we got to know one another very well on our trip to the US with friends, and that is where our love blossomed.”  Alexandra says she loved the fact that Alex was funny, had a great smile and he instantly made her feel so comfortable. She says, “Alex is so easy to talk to even though he was a total stranger.” Before too long they were an item and the next thing you know, they were getting married.

Under The Ivy did the most amazing circular arch I have ever seen, it was simply breathtaking. The bold colour scheme worked so well with Alex’s dress.

Matt from The White Tree did a stellar job with the photos. He was lovely enough to share them with me. Here are a few glorious shots from the day.

What a beautiful day they had!