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Lucy and Alex were the most amazing couple. We hit is off straight away and I felt so lucky to be a part of their wedding day.

Alex and Lucy’s love blossomed over a period of three years. They initially met in Sydney. You see Lucy had written a blog about a heart operation she was having in England. A girl named Alicia, who is Alex’s sister, read the blog and contacted her. Ironically, she was going through the same surgery and was also writing a blog about her experiences. Lucy decided to plan a trip to Australia, and in her journeys she was going to meet up with Alicia. When they eventually met up, they got along so well. Lucy was then moving onto Sydney and Alicia told her that her brother Alex, would show her around the city. Alex not only showed Lucy the town, he also captured her heart and a beautiful love story began to develop.

Lucy is from England,  so a lot of her family travelled for the celebration, which was amazing. I loved meeting them all.

Greg Holland did a fabulous job with the photos.

Circle of Love did a fabulous job with the ceremony set up.

Kellee Flowers were in charge of the beautiful bouquets. 

It was a privilege to meet Alex and Lucy and be a part of their day.