Confetti at weddings!


It is true that apart from marrying a couple, the confetti is my next favourite element of a wedding.

Why you ask? Because it is AWESOME!!

When else is it socially acceptable to throw things at your friends? At a wedding of course!

It all started with pelting newlyweds with uncooked starchy vegetables. This was meant to shower the couple with prosperity, fertility and good fortune. Oats, grains and dried corn were also used before rice became all time favourite.

Back in the 1980’s people were advised not to trow rice at weddings as it would be detrimental to the birds who ate it. It was thought that the rice would swell in the stomach of the birds and then their organs would explode. EEEKK!! However, this is not true at all. In fact, any uncooked rice eaten by birds is digested or excreted long before it can absorb enough water to expand to the point of causing injury to them.

Fast forward to 2018 and we have a multitude of different things to throw at newly married couples. There is glitter, which I do not recommend as it is very hard to get out of your hair and clothing.

There is coloured paper, again not super environmentally friendly.

There are roses, an all time favourite of mine. They are environmentally friendly and simply go back into the earth. They are easy to get out of your hair and off your clothing and they will not cause a big mess.



Of course, rice is still used and makes for a great photo.

Then there is Eco-friendly wedding confetti which offers a delightful and sustainable alternative to traditional confetti. Made from biodegradable materials such as dried flowers, leaves, fruit loops, hundreds and thousands or even plant-based paper, eco wedding confetti allows you to get that amazing photo without leaving a lasting negative impact on the environment. As it gracefully falls from the sky, these eco-conscious confetti options return to the Earth, naturally decomposing and leaving behind no harmful residue. You can make this yourself by cutting leaves with a hole punch and putting the leaves into nice containers.



An Australia company has made, Ecofetti: 



Every time I see a picture of confetti at a wedding, I have to smile. Look at the expressions on everyone’s face, everyone is having a ball!



Images are supplied by: the amazing Melbourne based photographer Mark Davis photography