Fitzroy Gardens, Marriage Celebrant, Alex and Priya’s wedding


When I first met Alex and Priya, I immediately thought they were a perfect couple. They were different in many ways, but also had many similarities. They chatted to me about life, the importance of Priya going to her home country and visiting the orphanages and their shared love of friends and family.

I loved their story of meeting on a dance floor at the Mai Tai Bar and Priya dancing to Tpauc. It was this encounter that made Alex realise he was in trouble.

The thing I love about my job is meeting people, hearing their life experiences and what makes them compatible as a couple.

Alex and Priya were married at The Old Bandstand in The Fitzroy Gardens. It was a warm day, but they were prepared for the weather.

The setup was done by The Secret Bolssom, it looked divine. 

The photos were captured by  the amazing, Jenna Fahey White.

The White Tree was doing the videography for the day.

Right before the ceremony, four men on decked out Harleys drove right to the top of the ceremony and began revving their engines. It was a strange occurrence, I think they went to the wrong wedding, as there were four other weddings on in the gardens at the same time. I am pretty certain motorcycles cannot drive through the gardens. Along came Alex to the rescue, he ran up to them and said “my bride is coming, please move away.” Just like that they were gone.

Priya and her bridesmaids looked incredible and it was an amazing day.


Here is what Priya said about her day.

“Thank you so much for everything – you were an absolute pleasure to deal with and so calm and professional every step of the way. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, it really exceeded all expectations and we are so happy.”