Flats shoes vs High Heels on your Wedding day. Charis White, Melbourne marriage celebrant


This is only a dilemma for certain brides. Some already have an idea of how high their heels with be and who they will be made by? Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Stuart Weitzman or Jimmy Choo…..just to name a few amazing shoe designers. For other brides, the decision of appropriate shoe height may be a dilemma.

I was one of those brides who fit in the undecided category. You see, I am short in stature and my feet do not love heels. I found this decision really hard, as I knew I did not want my feet to be screaming at me all night. However, I also wanted to look my absolute best–and a sexy heel can definitely help. So, what did I do? I ended up wearing flats and because I had quite a large dress you only really saw the front toe or my shoe peering out from under the dress. This was a win win for me as no one really knew they were flats. However, if you are a high heel lover, but you do not want to wear them all night. Why don’t you rock those heels during the ceremony and have a sneaky pair of flats tucked away somewhere? That way, when you are sitting at your bridal table you can rest those weary feet!