Hot tips for a winter wedding in Melbourne.


Right now we are smack bang in the middle of winter, well actually the height of winter is over and we are creeping towards spring.

I often get asked what I think about  a winter wedding? The truth is, I love the idea. I am Canadian after all.

First of all, if you decide to get married near the snow, you are in for a treat and your photos will be amazing. It is a myth that you need a bright sunny day to get beautiful photos. Beautiful photos happen when you engage a fabulous photographer and the ideal light for stellar photos is overcast.

Make sure your guests are taken care of. If you decide on an outdoor wedding, make sure your guests are not cold. You can supply heaters and blankets on their seats. You can also have cups of hot chocolate given out before the ceremony starts.  You want your guests to engage in the story the celebrant is telling and not think about how cold they are.

If you are the bride and you decide on an outdoor wedding, cover your shoulders. Believe me, nerves and cold are not a great mix. You do not want your teeth chattering on your wedding day. You want to be comfortable, and you will be less nervous if you are not thinking about how cold you are.

Get the venue to light a fire, if they have a fireplace. I love an open fire, it creates physical warmth and people also gravitate towards an open fire. It creates a sense of community where people who did not know each other before will all start talking to one another.

Get the bartender to create winter cocktails. Mulled wine is a favourite in winter.

Lastly, have a wet weather option, of you are getting married outside. There is nothing worse than not planning for wet weather. We live in Melbourne and the weather is always changing. If you have a back up plan for the worst case scenario, you will not regret it.

Winter is a great time to get married and often venues offer a discount, as it is not peak season. So if you want to save money on your wedding, winter is a great time to get married.

Best of luck with your planning.