Is live music during a wedding ceremony a good idea? Written by Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant


Couples always ask me if it is a good idea to have live music during their ceremony. My response is always a resounding “YES.” Live music bring an extra special touch to your ceremony. Your guests can enjoy a few songs being played live, before the brides grand entrance.

During the ceremony live music is so much easier to navigate. I love the ease of knowing the song will be played for as long as we need it to. Once the bride has arrived I simply cue the musicians, with the secret cue we have already discussed, and presto the music stops when we need it to. Of course we always wait until it is musically appropriate.

A bit of information for the guests who do not have a wet weather option. String instruments cannot be played outside in the rain, so if you have organised a string quartet and you do not supply them with shelter, be aware they may not be able to play.

If you can afford it, live music brings a very special touch to your ceremony.


Here is a list of my favourite musicians: 

Lark Music
0413 840 825

Tillee Music (acoustic duo)
0408 828 944


Fidel and Sarah
0437 856 403

Pure Silver Flutes
Roslyn: 0409 351 135

Baker Boys
0438 301 313

Issac Main

Like This Corporate Band
0416 561 293

Darcy String Quartet
0431 074 732-Rebecca

Sally and Lily string duo

Murano String Quartet

Just After Midnight Band