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The wedding of Matt and Max,  what an exciting journey.

Max called me months ago asking for advice on where to have his wedding. We chatted for hours and I gave him a few recommendations. After a few weeks of searching, they found their venue at Hickinbotham Winery. 

Hickinbotham Windery is co-ordinated by the lovely Lisa and Kym of Event and Flavour. They are so organised, easy to work with and a load of fun. I throughly enjoyed my time with them. I would highly recommend them!

The first time I met them, they came to my house with cookies, flowers and a card. Honestly, so kind. We chatted and filled in the paperwork. We were all so thrilled about their wedding and chatted about the styling elements etc.

We spent time talking as the months progressed and then it was their rehearsal time.  I had a few of their closest friends and family at my home for the rehearsal. We were all very excited and could not believe how quickly the time has passed.

The day of the wedding, the sun was shining, the venue looked stunning and the ceremony was perfect.

They told me this is what their wedding meant to them: “The love we have for each other will never stop and we decided, why wait? Let’s bring our wedding forward as we had been engaged for a while. We are looking forward to celebrating our love and partying with all of our friends and family. We would like to take a moment to recognize how special this moment is. Not only are we at a wedding, which is pretty special in itself, we are also witnessing a very special moment in history. We are so lucky that our generation has helped change societal views on marriage and make it a right for all.”

Their love story began five years ago.  Max says: “Matt’s kindness, sensitivity and his love of his family and friends was very attractive to me.” Matt was gob smacked by Max’s eyes and eye lashes. Once he got to know him, it was his out-going attitude toward life that had him hooked.

They are two very special individuals and I am so thrilled to have met them and be involved in their special day.