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Augh, Tarik and Melanie. When you talk about “good eggs” these guys are the epitome of that phrase.

We first met in Northcote and then had a secondary meeting at Pope Joan, where of course we drank tea. I loved getting to know these two. I love Meanie’s obsession with tea and how they share a common interest in sport and Futsal.

Their love story began over two years ago when they met online. On their first date they realised that they lived only 200 metres from each other – in fact, Tarik lived in that apartment on level six just across the road! (*Charis point to apartments*). Their first date included two local cafes and they felt it was important to celebrate that quirk of their relationship with a local wedding here at “Little Henri.” Tarik says on their first date, he was captivated by Melanie’s smile and her sweet personality. For Melanie it was Tarik’s smile, warmth and kindness that drew her in-oh and the fact he was tall dark and handsome also had something to do with it. During their four hour long first date they ran into a few friends who were also having breakfast at the same café.  The fact that Tarik could adapt to meeting a large group of Melanie’s friends made her feel at ease.

One funny story they shared with me from very early on in their relationship was when Tarik decided to introduce Melanie to his family. They went to Tarik’s parent’s house for dinner but arrived after everyone had finished eating. Tarik’s mum had prepared an amazing meal and had set two spots at a small table for Tarik and Melanie to eat together. Melanie didn’t want a wine so there were a few laughs about pouring fruit juice in the wine glasses that had been set out. Then a candle was lit and the lights dimmed. Melanie was already feeling out of her depth as she was late, but as they started eating, Tarik’s brother Tansel thought it would be a great opportunity to bust out his guitar skills and serenade them with his ukulele playing “Somewhere over the rainbow.” As you can tell it was a very ‘low key’ start to meeting the parents; however, Melanie took it all in her stride.

Their wedding was local, funky and cool. Melanie really wanted an outdoor wedding at Little Henri and that is exactly what she got. The weather was not looking so flash, but we took in all in our stride and timed her arrival for a break in the weather.

Cesur Sanli was the lovely photographer for the evening.

Daniel, a favourite DJ of mine, from Mercury DJ Hire was in charge of filling the dance floor.

Thank you so much for sharing your lives and day with me, Mel and Tarik.