Throwing confetti, rice or rose petals at a wedding, Melbourne celebrant, Charis White



I often get asked “do you think it is a good idea to throw confetti at the end of our wedding?” My answer is always “hell yes.” Of course you have to check with your venue as to wether this is allowed or not.

Some venues say no to rice as it is hard to clean up, easy to slip on and the birds get sick eating it. Fair enough, I say.

I would also suggest, glitter is not a good idea. At one of my weddings a bride and groom decided on glitter and we spent about ten minutes trying to remove it from their clothing and hair before they went off for their professional photos.

Gum leaves or leaves are a great alternative, as are rose petals. They simply disintegrate after time and go back into the earth.

I love a confetti photo, they are full of energy! So it you are thinking of including it in your day, DO IT!!!