Why are wedding traditionally dresses white?


The white wedding dress is related to Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to this, wedding dresses were not white, in fact they were red.  At the time, white was know to be a colour of mourning and was frowned upon to wear at a wedding. Queen Victoria made her own fashion statement with a white lace dress and the trend took off a few years later.

In the 19th century White was known to be the colour of purity and virginity and this is why the trend took off.  In fact, in 1849, wearing a white wedding dress was applauded.

As the years have passed, brides are now deciding on their own style of dress. I have seen dresses in a multitude of colours with pantsuits also becoming popular.

If you are looking for a wedding dress, remember it is your day. There is no right or wrong colour or fashion type. Be unique, be individual, be you!