Is it important to have wedding suppliers who know each other?


It is your wedding and you can have any suppliers you want. There are thousands of photographers, venues, florists, bands, hair and make-up stylists and videographers out there. Decide on the style you are going for, do an Instagram session, find a few suppliers you like and get in touch.

I believe that suppliers who know each other and have worked together before create a better wedding day. It is like a well choreographed dance. The photographer will not get in the videographers way and vice versa. The photographer will know where the celebrant will stand and when they will move, etc. The band will set up in an area where they are not in the way of the other suppliers.  The florist is skilled in creating an appropriate ceremony space.

It is amazing to watch highly skilled experts work in unison. I did a wedding last year where C2 Films and Mark Davis Photography were both involved. They were guiding each other the whole time, so they both got the shot they wanted and neither were in the others photos/video. Lark Music and I have also worked together several times and Luke knows exactly when the music should stop and start, a major relief for any celebrant.

Suppliers with experience know how to navigate a tough situation. I got caught in a wind storm at Baie Wines last year and Dan Brannan helped stabilise the arch. Another example was when I got caught in a monsoon at The Botanic Gardens with Leo Farrell  and he went above and beyond to make sure the couple had the best day possible in torrential rain. Or the lovely Burgess Video who gave me an output cable, so anyone who plugs into my PA gets the best audio feed possible for their video. Cam Grove and I were also caught in the rain and he helped to dry the seats of the guests. These suppliers went above and beyond for the best result for their clients, and that screams volumes to me.

Word of mouth in any industry is the best way forward. It is a genuine compliment from those who have worked together before. There is nothing I love more than recommending a supplier and getting fabulous feedback about their services.

I have a list of suppliers who I recommend highly. They are on my list because they are exceptional people with exceptional talents. They have great personalities, they are kind and are extremely easy to work with.

Below is my list of special wedding suppliers that I highly recommend!




Mark Davis
0423 965 771

Jesse Hisco
0419 890 002

Erin and Tara

Dan Brannan

​Pierre Curry

Sorrento Wedding photography

Georgie James Photography

Cam Grove Photography

Emma Wise Photography

Lucy Spartalis

Pixray Photography
0425 411 651

LJM Photography
0412 138 289​

Elk and Willow Photography

Tess Follett

Leo Farrell

Anna Taylor

Oli Sansom:​



C2 Films

Burgess Video


Allure Production
0419 881 055


Hair and Make-Up:

The Girl In The Green Scarf 

Felicia Sarwono

Magical Makeovers
0418 323 733


Tobi Music

Hay Bax​

Lark Music
0413 840 825

Tillee Music (acoustic duo)
0408 828 944

Pure Silver Flutes
Roslyn: 0409 351 135

Baker Boys
0438 301 313

Issac Main

Like This Corporate Band
0416 561 293

Fidel and Sarah
0437 856 403


Mercury DJ Hire
03 93330711

Miss Rosie Weddings and Events



Cecilia Fox

North St Botanical


Sugarbee Flowers

Pomp and Splendor