Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Charis White

Weddings in Melbourne and beyond

It may seem like a daunting process, but it is actually very simple.

We will be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Our services include:

  • An obligation free meeting to discuss your Wedding.
  • A Wedding Ceremony PDF outlining the order of the service, examples of poems, verse, asking, vows and ring exchanges.
  • We will arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony to liaise with readers, photographers, videographers, stylists, venue staff and musicians.
  • A P.A system, with a wired microphone and the capability to play any device with a head phone jack.
  • We will make ourselves available to your stylists, photographer etc. If they would like to have any verbal correspondence prior to the date of the Ceremony.
  • We are available to liaise with anyone who is involved in your ceremony, to help them feel comfortable with their task.
  • During the process, all consultations via phone, Zoom or email as required.
  • All the legal paperwork, lodgement and explanation of the particulars behind the legal paperwork.
  • Registering your marriage with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  •  A personally written Ceremony, tailored to you!
  • We will contact you once Births, Deaths and Marriages has registered your Marriage and send you a like to apply for your Marriage Certificate.
  • A document which outlines how to change your name.
  • A rehearsal, which is free of charge held at our homes, normally held during the week from 10:00-2:00 pm.
  • We will dress appropriately and within keeping of your colour scheme.
  • We will vary our position throughout the ceremony, so we are not in all of your professional photographs.
  • We will also be there to calm your nerves, reassure you and help any elderly family members.
  • We will conduct your ceremony with professionalism and will speak eloquently.
  • We are happy, committed and interested in “you” and your story and will be there for “you” both the whole way through.
  • A commemorative marriage certificate.

Please note the above listed services are only available on premium weddings, bespoke elopements and commitment ceremonies

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What is the process?

Prior to our meeting, we will provide you with a questionnaire that we will ask you to fill in. We will require one questionnaire from each person. This gives us a great amount of background information about you, as a couple.

Upon meeting we will discuss the type of ceremony you are after. We will also discuss, your love story.

During our first meeting we will provide you with a PDF of inspiration for your Wedding Ceremony. This PDF guides you through the process of various elements which you can have in your Wedding Ceremony. When it comes to your Vows, either you can write them, or alternatively, if you choose, we can write your vows for you.

All legalities throughout the process will be clearly outlined, and simplified.

Erin and Nicole - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Charis White

Things to consider:

Additional fees: Travel outside of 25 kms from our homes in Melbourne, will incur an additional fee.

A non-refundable booking fee is taken upon booking to ensure your day is secured.  This booking fee, is to hold your Wedding date, so no other Weddings can be booked during the time of your Wedding.

Charis White Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Charis White Wedding Celebrant Melbourne


  • You must be over the age of 18 years and not already legally married
  • Two witnesses are required on the day of marriage: These witness must be over the age of 18, and be able to understand English
  • Declaration Form 14, is to be completed prior to the Ceremony
  • On the day of the ceremony we have verbal legalities to complete as well as legal paperwork. 

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