Melbourne Celebrant, Charis White, giving back



One Monday afternoon a message appeared in my mailbox, it was a simple request asking how much I would charge for a small ceremony. There was an explanation that finances did not come easy at a very difficult time in their lives, as Donna’s son was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I simply responded that I could never charge them, you see our best friend died of a brain tumour. His name was Greg Lange and he was a fantastic human. We were so fortunate to have known him for the period of time that he did. He was a truly beautiful soul who opened our minds to many things, philosophies, moments, the sharing of our first children being born around the same time. I miss him dearly, think of him everyday and this was a perfect time for me to give back in his honour.

And so began an amazing journey of amazing friends, colleges and suppliers in the Wedding industry. Having been in this industry for eight years now, I have met some truly beautiful people. People who not only gave up their time, but went above and beyond to create a magical day for a family in need. I feel lucky to know these people and thankful they trusted me enough to get on board. The people I contacted did not hesitate and were so willing to make this day magical for this family.

I first met Donna and Heath at their home in Werribee where we chatted about their day and filled in the legal paperwork. It was a stifling hot day and Heath had just gotten home from work. Josh was lying in his bed, he is bed ridden as the treatment caused a stroke and he cannot move one side of his body. It got me thinking how hard it must be to entertain a 16 year old who is home all day and bed ridden with an illness. My heart was bleeding for him, and I could not have been more proud of the Wedding we were putting on for his family. This would bring happiness and joy to him, as well as allowing him to dress up and feel amazing.

Fiona, the hair and make-up artist arrived early to Donna and Heaths home, in Werribee, to get the bride and bridesmaids looking their best. It was a beautiful morning and everyone was so excited about the Wedding.

As I arrived at The Pioneer Woman’s Memorial Garden, it looked magnificent. Denise and Peter from the Wedding Zone has set up the area beautifully. Then Clarke Scott and Corey arrived to take charge of the photography and videography. Josh, Heath and the guests arrived shortly after. The sun was out in full force, but no one seemed to mind. Donna and her sister and niece looked stunning and were so excited when I met them at the bridal car. When we were ready to start the ceremony, we got Josh in place in his wheelchair, as he was the best man. The ceremony was magical and at one point I looked over at Josh, Donna’s son, and he said “I am so happy.” In that moment, I could have cried. Josh is the reason this day happened and we were all so happy to give back.

Life is about more than money. I always tell my children to “lead with kindness.”  My parents taught me to love, respect and most importantly give back.



Here is a list of the suppliers who made this day possible.

The Wedding Zone – Melbourne
Kochou Hair & Makeup
Encore Studio
Kelly Moore-florist
Sweetpea Darlingheart
Portraits of Melbourne

Here is a link to the photographers blog about the day: Donna & Heath