What is the best month to be married in Melbourne?


I have been a celebrant now for almost nine years. Though that time, the weather patterns have changed and shifted a lot.

Back in my early days as a celebrant, November was the busiest month. It is still a busy month; however, it can be very inconsistent with the weather. The last few years we have had a lot of storms and serious rain in November.  This can make it a stressful month to get married in, if you are having an outdoor wedding.

December is also very changeable, remember to great hail storm of 2011?

January and February are beautiful months, but be prepared for a very hot day.

I would have to say that April and May are shaping up to be my favourite months for a wedding. It is still warm, sometimes it is even hot in these months. The leaves are changing colour making it an exceptionally beautiful time to get married.

All in all, if you are planning a Melbourne wedding you must be prepared for four seasons in one day!