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Tanya and Christian

Tanya and Christian

TANYA AND CHRISTIAN A MODERN LOVE STORY Photographer: Cian Marangos | @cianreally With their wedding taking place on the 19th of December, 2020 at Windmill Gardens, Tanya and Christian were so lucky to not have their wedding affected by Covid. In fact, they were the opposite, with numbers being lifted right before their wedding, their […]

Victoria and Matt, Stones of the Yarra Valley

Victoria and Matt, Stones of the Yarra Valley What a story, what a couple. They are perfect together, and fate really did have it’s way with their relationship. To say they came full circle, is an understatement. Vic and Matt are one of a kind and the love for their kids is incredible. I am […]

Marko and Kathryn, Stones of the Yarra Valley

Stones of the Yarra Valley, Marko and Kathryn I met Marko and Kathryn at a little cafe near my home in Northcote. We immediately hit it off, they were a super fun couple who were enamoured with one another. They told me how they were looking for a house to buy, my husband sells houses […]