Spring, Winter, Summer. What season is the best to get married in? By Charis White Celebrant


Every season has a negative and a positive. A winter wedding is very glamorous and romantic. A wedding in this season means you can have beautiful photos nestled by the open fire in your venue. My biggest piece of advice is, if you have your ceremony outside. Either book heathers, have blankets on the seats or op for a very short ceremony. If you have an area inside where the guests can mingle prior to the start of the ceremony, this is an amazing option. The last thing you want is to be a bride whose teeth will not stop chattering or have your guests so cold they cannot concentrate on the ceremony.



Spring is a great season to get married. The trees are starting to bloom, the birds are out. However, you have to be prepared for rain. It is very hard to determine what kind of day you will have when you are locking your venue and date in. However, if you have a contingency plan like a marquee, or umbrellas or a wet weather option, then you are in fine form for your day. The last thing you want is to have no wet weather option and rain predicted. As a celebrant, my pa system cannot be used in the rain and sometimes photographers will struggle. Not to mention is you have booked musicians. String instruments cannot be outside in the moisture so they will have to move mid ceremony. To avoid all if this, simply have a back up plan.



Al in all, every season has a positive and a negative. If you plan ahead, you will have a great day.