What do you do if rain is forecast on your Wedding day and you do not have a backup option? Written by Charis White, Melbourne based marriage celebrant


OH OH! Like today, there was no rain forecast and then all of the sudden the heavens opened. I have had a few situations like this where it has rained mid ceremony. There was one wedding in particular that the heavens absolutely opened with a vengeance. In this case, there was nothing we could do. There was only one umbrella handy and there was no shelter to run to. We simply had to wait it out. Yes, it was shocking and we were soaked to the bone. All those hours of hair and make-up for the bridal party went down the tubes. Although, once the rain stopped, the sun came out and we all dried.

The best piece of advice I can offer is a company called Instant Marquees https://www.instantmarqueesmelbourne.com.au

They can normally accommodate you on a days notice. So if it looks like rain, do not risk it. The extra money spent, is well worth it. You will feel confident and comfortable on your day.

Not to mention the fact that your photographer, my PA equipment and any live music you have will all struggle with their equipment in the rain. So just don’t risk it!

Here is an exceptional photo taken by an exceptional photographer, Theo from Loco Photography. This was on Owen and Ricky’s wedding day when the heavens opened http://locophotography.com.au