Your wedding day can be a nerve racking day, choose a celebrant who has your back!


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day filled with emotions, laughter and tears. When you choose your celebrant, meet them and get an understanding of their personality. Choose someone who will be there for you, who will calm your nerves, give you a pep talk if need be and simply be there for you.

I have been a celebrant for over 9 years and I love my job. I love the emotions and the highs a ceremony can cause. It is so special to be up there with a couple and I feel privileged to be involved in their day.

If you are getting married and would like me to be involved please drop me a line at

This is lovely Dean who was married to his sweetheart Brooke at the Sandbar Beach Cafe on Saturday night. We had the most amazing weather ever, the venue looked stunning, as always and the guests were ready to party!